About Us


The TeaMeraki Merch Shop has been in the works ever since we launched our Coaching, Consulting and Academy Services in 2020. Shrawani and Tarun had a vision to create designs that spoke to their audience, and spent a good amount of time ideating the collections that have gone from concept to reality over the last couple of years.

Meraki is a greek word that stands for putting your heart and soul into your work - and that's exactly what we've been doing for close to 3 years now. We added a "Team" to this wonderful word to symbolise that each person who is associated with us at different points of time is family, and together, we're a team!

Every single product is made in India, and goes through multiple rounds of sampling to make sure we are able to bring you nothing but the best. We put great emphasis on the experience of shopping and truly hope that every customer that purchases products from us has a big smile on their faces upon receiving their package - almost like a gift!

TeaMeraki Merch was made for the man or woman just starting their fitness journey, the caffeine head who can't do without their morning coffee or the person fighting their inner demons and emerging stronger than ever, every day. TeaMeraki Merch was made for you.

We hope you love it here. Happy shopping!